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Capacity Studies


A Capacity Study looks at your organization’s internal capacity and structures and incorporates a high-level scan of external influences. Focusing on the organization as a whole or through a more tailored fund development lens, we review internal programs, systems, policies, procedures, structures and competencies providing an extensive professional analysis of your organization’s readiness for growth.


Using a series of one-on-one interviews and active research, Studies identify strengths and help pinpoint areas that require strategic focus by the team. Results are presented in a report that outlines concrete action steps and recommendations including the readiness of, need for and nature of staffing and technical resources.

"Dree and Ron's extensive experience in fund development and capital campaigns was critical to ensuring that we had the infrastructure in place to succeed. They helped us develop a critical path to success, to know what to expect, and how to navigate the challenges as they emerged. Their focus on building organizational capacity over prescribing solutions has set up our fund development department for long term success."
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Laurel McCalla
Director of Development, Boyle Street Community Services
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