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A Strategic Plan brings focus, direction and relevance to the work of an organization.



It clarifies where an organization is going and how it intends to get there and creates a foundation from which sound budgeting, program and service planning, and fund development work can occur. An Operational Plan outlines how the Strategic Plan will be achieved.


Our Strategic Planning workshops take your board and key staff through the steps to create and implement vision, mission and values, then focuses on the goals, critical success factors, actions, timelines and accountabilities to achieve these.

The results of our workshops are a written Strategic Plan that everyone in your organization can work with. We then work with you to create effective, measurable, achievable Operational Plans.

Fund Development Planning

A Fund Development Plan outlines the necessary steps for a well-balanced, fully integrated fund development program.  Working with you, together we craft a clear, succinct plan that includes existing programs, measurable benchmarks and timelines over a three to five year period.

Dree certainly had her work cut out for her while assisting us with strategic planning.  We were a passionate team with diverse professional backgrounds that had yet to work together in person.  Add to that a relatively new ED and new board directors, navigating mental health service delivery and funding challenges through a pandemic.  There were varied expectations and experiences of the process throughout...  
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