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Fund Development

Whether you're considering a capital campaign, looking to strengthen an existing or build a new fund development program, or want to craft fund development policies, procedures and tools, we can help your organization build its fundraising capacity and effectiveness.

Telling Your Story

Case materials tell your organization's story, invite investment and offer new opportunities. They help support your team in its ability to articulate the function, vision, and goals of your organization. Designed for presentation purposes in print and electronic formats, we can help you create a case that succinctly summarizes what the organization is while outlining investment opportunities. These materials form a valuable cornerstone for development work and set the tone for all subsequent communications for staff and volunteers, and the public.

Fund Development Planning

A Fund Development Plan outlines the necessary steps for a well-balanced, fully integrated fund development program.  Working with you, together we craft a clear, succinct plan that includes new and existing programs, measurable benchmarks and timelines over a three to five year period.

Fund Development Policies & Procedures

Strong and effective organizations and fund development programs need guidelines and a framework in order to achieve success. Based on industry best practices and experience with a diversity of organizations, we provide custom tailored Policies & Procedures to meet the needs and philosophy of your organization while also reflecting its mission driven, charitable nature and provincial and national laws and regulations.

Campaign Feasibility Studies

Will your plan of action or fundraising campaign succeed?

Campaign Feasibility Studies are designed to address the feasibility of your plans from the perspectives of key stakeholders: individuals, corporations, governments and foundations. Through a series of one-to-one confidential interviews and research, we collect feedback and advice from external stakeholders resulting in a report that outlines specific actions and decisions that need to be made in order to ensure fundraising success. Campaign feasibility studies can be particularly helpful to conduct before embarking on a capital, major gifts, or legacy campaign.

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