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Fund Development Planning

A Fund Development Plan helps your team make a difference through focused, relevant development work. Planning clarifies where and how development work fits within the larger organizational Strategic Plan and what type of resources (human, financial, organizational) are required to create a successful program.  A Fund Development Plan is necessary, not only for effective organizational growth, but also to provide a guideline for development work and ensure short and long-term funding goals can be achieved.

Working with you, together we will craft a clear, succinct working document that outlines implementation steps for a well-balanced, sustainable and fully integrated fund development program.  The plan takes into consideration existing programs, the creation of a clear working timeline and evaluation and recommendations for program changes as well as measurable benchmarks and timeline(s) for accountability and celebration purposes. 



"Dree has an incredible combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality, and is a tremendous asset to any organization she counsels….The Alberta Emerald Foundation is now a much stronger organization as a result of her direct involvement."


Ron Kruhlak, LLB

Honorary Life Member and Past Director

Alberta Emerald Foundation

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