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Webinar: Why Fundraising Is The Best Option Right Now

Understanding donor responses during a crisis

Andrea McManus, ViTreo Group Inc

On Friday, June 12 ViTreo hosted its 7th Fundraising Ask Anything Session (FAA) — with over 90 people participating! It’s heartening to see so many dedicated and skilled fundraisers come together to solve the myriad of problems our sector now faces, with not one but two global crises in less than six months.

We were fortunate to have a thought-provoking presentation by our wonderful friend, Dree Thomson-Diamond, ACFRE, CFRE, a Capacity Building Consultant who creates charitable sector solutions. Dree’s presentation raised some critical questions and made several significant points which fundraisers and nonprofits should consider, so I am going to summarize the presentation here.

Click here to view the summary from ViTreo Group Inc.

Full Webinar


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